At its zenith the Roman Empire governed three quarters of the Globe. Alongside the ruthless warrior mentality the Roman Dynasties gave the world a contribution to the worlds of government, infrastructure, sanitation and logistics which can only be rivalled by the ancient Greeks and which have continued to form the basis of modern society.

Within the Empire, Praetor was a title conferred by the Government of Ancient Rome to men capable of acting in either one or both capacities of a Magistrate and that of Commander of an army. These men had to be capable of adapting to a multitude of roles including provincial management, mediation of civil disputes at tribunals, the setting of laws or the formation and command of an army in the absence of a General of the Legions.

The role of Praetor survived the fall of the Roman Empire and continued in both forms until the 12th Century where the division of responsibility between civil and military matter became prevalent. The role inn its magisterial capacity continues to underpin many tenets of modern day governance and has even until recently survived in name and title in countries such as Romania, Germany and Italy, whilst the Republic of Moldova retains the title for the Heads of the Capital City’s five main Districts.

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